Friday, May 11, 2007

On Resisting Divisive Influences: God Unites, Man Divides

Thirty-three students, 33 blogs. Alex posts thoughtfully about "Baha'i" for his religious studies class and kindly gives me permission to link. -gw

Thanks, Alex. The Baha'i perspective is one of evolution. Everything changes and moves on, even religion. There is Baha'i scriptural support for the legitimacy of the "Book of Nature" as a basis for religious belief. In this sense there have been many "peoples of the book."

Even the concept of God evolves. I often find myself telling people, "I don't believe in the God you don't believe in."

The Book of Nature, Flitzy Phoebie

As Bob Dylan wrote in a song "You gotta serve somebody."
Whatever it is we live for, that's our "god," it can be argued.

From many gods to one God - this defines an evolutionary path.

Theology is rich, heady stuff, which can be divisive. God unites, and man divides. That has been the tendency over the centuries. We have reason today to resist that tendency.

All the best to your and your classmates,

George Wesley

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for such a delayed response, I "got here" just as soon as I could....;-)

Religion is religion. It will always be a middleman (meddleman?)

I continue to uncover the mystery while on my personal journey, and just wanted to see if you would agree:

God is Love.

Love unites, fear divides. Man is wholly capable of love (though he is more divisive on average)

Paradise is/can be/will be reached when all men realize (real eyes)love at exactly the same instant.

Whaddabout that?