Thursday, April 20, 2006

On Becoming a Baha'i: Act of Faith or Courage

See the Doberman Pizza post about Dan's attending a fireside by Louise Profeit-LeBlanc and then read the article about Louise on The Baha'i Community of Canada webpage. Dan's observation:

Louise Profeit-LeBlanc with a mask from her art collection
[Photo by Lindsay Slavin]
Becoming a Baha'i is as much an act of courage for some people as it is an act of faith. Perhaps it would be easier if becoming a Baha'i wasn't seen so much as "changing religions" as acknowledging the oneness of all religions. You know — rather than thinking of it as "switching from one family to another", realizing that we're all part of a much bigger family — the human family — that includes us all.

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rachd said...

I have always believed there was one God with many different names througout many different religions and beliefs. The concept of "oneness of all religions" is a good fit for me. But, I am still frightened (for lack of a better word) of the unknown. And, Baha'i is most definitely that for me. As Jessie continues her journey, I will continue to follow her and see where it leads. As she has posted, there is something terrifying in giving up the comfort of what you have always been taught to believe. Especially, when as Christians you are taught your eternal life is dependent upon those beliefs!

Louise is right, it definitely is a courageous step for many of us Christians to move on to what we know in our hearts is right.