Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move: Marking the 30th anniversary of the execution of ten Baha’i women

Source: Justice for Iran

To create a piece specifically to mark the 30th anniversary of the execution of ten Baha’i women, Ms Barbaro and I collaborated on an installation entitled “10 Martyrs of Shiraz” partly consisting of ten torn-out journals representing the lost potential of these women. Iranian artist Shohreh Ghanbary travelled from North America to exhibit acrylic and oil figurative paintings and collages, as well as two stunning pieces of needlework created out of prison scraps and odd threads. Leila Barbaro displayed photographic collages created specifically for the symposium based on accounts of horrific prison abuses recorded in J4I’s recent publication, Crime and Impunity. The combined effect of the varied works worked surprisingly well, sparking deep conversations and giving rise to a palpable feeling that all of us, organisers, volunteers, speakers and participants (even unconnected lenders of equipment!) had somehow become deeply aligned and collusive with the forces of change and renewal.

Art can move mountains, too. -gw

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