Thursday, June 27, 2013

On a Rhythm Divine: Baha'i-inspired musician featured on Australian radio

According to Baha'is music is a ladder for souls to rise, and this week we explore one of Asia’s growing religious communities, the Baha’i faith, through the words and music of a rising young Australian musician of Chinese heritage, Natasha Chiang. Natasha's debut album Kindle is a collection of indie-folk devotional songs in English and Mandarin that look toward an Asian audience.

Baha'i musician featured on Australian radio, available as a podcast. -gw

About Us

The Rhythm Divine is a musical journey through the world of spirituality, exploring contemporary sacred sounds and the world’s devotional music.

From the sounds of the Sufis to gospel choirs, from tribal ambient to Nick Cave, from electronic mantras to Zen meditations, it is a soundtrack to the spirit.

The Rhythm Divine explores the deep river of music and song from the world's religious traditions, from the new spiritual practices, and from the fusion of religion and pop culture. The music might be traditional and liturgical, part of a worship service or rite of passage. It might be worldly and popular and yet in its own way a vehicle for sacred expression

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