Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Baby Born Every Day: The primary role of the mother

Bonita with our newest grandchild, little Adaryn.
Grandma and Adaryn playing :)

Staying home sick today I get to find out what my wife really does during the day. "I always watch "A Baby Story" while I'm having breakfast, my wife told me, as the sounds of childbirth from the TV penetrated my ears. Gee, she eats breakfast every day -- that's a lot of babies, a lot of childbirth. -gw

The great importance attached to the mother’s role derives from the fact that she is the first educator of the child. Her attitude, her prayers, even what she eats and her physical condition have a great influence on the child when it is still in the womb. When the child is born, it is she who has been endowed by God with the milk which is the first food designed for it, and it is intended that, if possible, she should be with the baby to train and nurture it in its earliest days and months. This does not mean that the father does not also love, pray for, and care for his baby, but as he has the primary responsibility of providing for the family, his time to be with his child is usually limited, while the mother is usually closely associated with the baby during this intensely formative time when it is growing and developing faster than it ever will again during the whole of its life. As the child grows older and more independent, the relative nature of its relationship with its mother and father modifies and the father can play a greater role.
(23 August 1984 to two believers)

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