Thursday, March 28, 2013

On New Age Music May Be Over the Hill: But a new age is still at hand

To Pismo Beach and back 449
Photo location: Cheap Thrills, San Luis Obispo CA

The public library in Tacoma divides its CD collection into popular, country, jazz, new age, classic, folk, children’s and holiday. That clearly is an old taxonomy. "New age” as a musical genre hasn't been considered new in ages. But what is new about the age we live in? -gw

1. The oneness of mankind 
2. The oneness of religion 
3. Religion must be the cause of unity 
4. How could I investigate reality and truth in my spiritual journey?
5. Revelation is progressive 
6. Harmony between religion and science 
7. What is meditation and what are some of its benefits?
8. What is the relationship between silence and meditation?
9. What is the connection between meditation and our spiritual destiny?
10. What is the fruit of meditation?
11. Can man ever comprehend God?
12. Can we know God’s Essence?
13. Can philosophy enable us to know God?
14. Can true religion and sound science complement each other?
15. Can science ever explore the essence of God?
16. Did life appear as a result of blind forces?
17. Does mankind have a power which is beyond the limitations of nature?
18. Do Baha’is believe in reincarnation?
19. Can I come back to this world after death?
20. Flowers return. Why can’t I?
21. What happens to us after we leave this world?
22. Can a lower plane of existence ever comprehend a higher?
23. What is the connection between soul, mind, and spirit?
24. What is the Baha’i view of free will – predestination – fate?
25. Do Baha’is believe in fate?
26. Who can restore our sanity and how?
27. How can I experience transformation?
28. Veiled in My immemorial being…

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