Tuesday, March 05, 2013

On My Meditations on Our Baha'i Program of Growth: How my life is changed!

The Baha'i community today reflects both an old culture and a new culture. My attitude towards this phenomenon? Baha'is are called on to avoid false dichotomies. So also with our old ways/new ways, it's not "either/or" -- it's "and."

How can we keep the best of how we've "always done things," and still grow? We can't not grow. Conversation in our cluster from May 2012 ...

How my life is changed .. I still love Feast, even though I am not always able to make it to them. AND I love my Thursday night devotional "in the neighborhood" at Matt & Christy's.

What we Baha'is are called upon to engage in....

I look back and I look forward: http://bahaiviews4.blogspot.com/2012/05/on-focusing-on-grassroots-both-in-faith.html

I meditate on these observations and ask myself, how can I contribute to strengthening the program of growth in my Baha'i communit?. -gw

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