Tuesday, March 05, 2013

On a Challenge to Those Clinging to a Materialistic Paradigm of Reality: The enigma of conciousness


A book recommendation from Pattabi. -gw
I am impelled to write this to you all as I have just now finished reading (devouring) the book ”Proof of Heaven”, an  extraordinary account of one Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon’s real journey into the afterlife – during a seven day coma- trip to a world of greater consciousness.  I could not put this book down- and almost read the 180 pages in nearly one sitting. Though I have read similar works on near death experience of other writers, what is extraordinary in this book is that he gives logical and unequivocal scientific credence to his out of the body experience based on our current knowledge of neurology.  His 13th chapter “The Enigma of Consciousness” is a sterling piece, at once a direct and challenge to current-day men of science still clinging to materialistic paradigm of reality. He himself was one before this experience.  I am sure that you will also be thrilled to read this as I was.

"Science," System of a Down

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