Wednesday, January 09, 2013

On Teaching Lessons Learned: Connecting souls to the Writings is key

This photo set reflects teaching going on in my community back in 2008 and earlier.

I googled "Baha'i fireside" and set my search for "past week" and got 4 pages of results. For example: - 03 days ago - Please join us for a fireside about the "The Central Figures of the Baha'i Faith 

and - 6 days ago - 'I got in contact with a good Baha'i friend of mine, and she arranged a fireside [discussion of the Faith] for Randi's family,' says Manfra. Randi, R.J. and Adriana ...

Personal teaching is our responsibility. Inviting someone over to our home to discuss the spiritual verities and to introduce them, if there is receptivity, to the the Cause of God is tested, tried and true. More recently Baha'is are becoming skills in home visiting for the same purpose

In reflecting upon those whom I have had the privilege of teaching since my family moved to Tacoma, my impression is that those souls who became connected to regular study of the Writings are actively serving years later. -gw

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