Monday, January 21, 2013

On Raising Capacity For Baha'i Expansion: Supporting new junior youth group animators

After Tigers junior youth group, Stephanie invites animator Sean to come to a meeting  to compare notes with other with other animators.

It is not a problem finding the children and youth who want to participate in the Baha'i core activities. The challenge is around finding the children's class teachers and animators willing to be accompanied. And so planning for the Area Teaching Committee becomes a matter of thinking in terms of capacity. I.e., how many more junior youth groups do we want to raise up in the next three months? What is our capacity to find and accompany the animators necessary? During the next cycle can we see the formation of 5 or 6 more groups and get them on firm-footing? The answer is, yes, because we have the knowledge, experience and a growing confidence here in Pierce County, Washington. -gw

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