Monday, January 07, 2013

On Increasing the People's Well-being: Turn-of-the-Century Washington State

Can we maintain that it is contrary to the fundamentals of the Faith to encourage the acquisition of useful arts and of general knowledge, to inform oneself as to the truths of such physical sciences as are beneficial to man, and to widen the scope of industry and increase the products of commerce and multiply the nation’s avenues of wealth? Would it conflict with the worship of God to establish law and order in the cities and organize the rural districts, to repair the roads and build railroads and facilitate transportation and travel and thus increase the people’s well-being? ...
The winds of the true springtide are passing over you; adorn yourselves with blossoms like trees in the scented garden.

The Secret of Divine Civilization‘by Abdu’l-Bahá

The well-being of so many was enhanced by the industry of those laboring 100 years ago at the lumber mill in Eatonville WA. It was a springtime then, and its still a springtime now -- it just looks different today.

The mill's closure in 1954 was a blow to the town, but community spirit and good schools have kept Eatonville alive and growing..

On New Year's Day we stopped in one of Eatonville's finer establishments for elk burgers, joining a contingent of Brothers in Arms. -gw

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