Saturday, December 29, 2012

On Moving From Illness Into Wellness: One young mother's story about cancer

Don't make your healing a passive effort.

 Amanda Enayati

My friend Marco from Portugal conducted this interview. -gw

O seeker of the truth!
There are two ways of healing diseases, the material way and the spiritual way. The first is the remedies of the physician; the second prayers and turning one’s self to God. Both must be practiced and followed. The diseases that happen to be caused by physical accident are cured by medical aid; others, which are due to spiritual causes, will disappear by spiritual means. For instance: For a disease due to grieving, fear, nervous impressions, the spiritual remedies will take more effect than the physical. Therefore, these tow kinds of remedies must be followed; neither is an obstacle to the other. You must take care of the physical remedies. These also came from the bounty and mercy of God who revealed and made evident the science of medicine, so that His servants may also be benefited by this mode of healing. In the same way take care of the spiritual healing, because it giveth wonderful results.

Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

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