Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On Home-visiting on Christmas Eve: Working towards a closer & connected coomunity

Yesterday afternoon I participated in a meeting about teaching. Then I chilled for the rest of the evening. After all, it was Christmas eve. I'm Baha'i. Don't want to bother anybody on Christmas eve. What did this Baha'i saint I serve with on our teaching committee do? She went home-visiting. Here is her report of the evening. 
Dear ones,
Thank you for sharing about the home visit, dear Chris.
I visited Marisol and her family. It was quit late on Christmas Eve, around 7:00, but I was already in Tacoma and needed to visit Marisol, to invite her for intensive book 1 on the 26th.
The mom open the door and was very warm. this was the first time, they invited me in side their apt. They offered a special drink they have made with fruits and tamali. We talked about the special devotional that her brother had participated in  at the Sunrise apts. We consulted how we can repeat it at Swan Creek. I asked how can we work towards a closer and connected community. She shared that there is a class prejudice. She explained, the prejudice is between those who can speak English and those don't. The conversation was very deep and moving.
She is willing to come to book 1 from the 26th-28th.
It was a beautiful evening.
Much love

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