Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Take Pictures: There's a world of people who may want to come see

I love the Internet. I love Flickr. Our main computer is down at the house, and I haven't posted anything for a week. We can't even access Facebook at the moment. Yet for some reason we have been having visitors to our Flickr site at an amazing clip. Our average for the month is above 3000 total views each day -- yesterday 7,582. Take pictures, try to tell an interesting story --for example,the Baha'i story -- put the pics up on a cloud for the world to see, do it consistently, and people will come.

Maybe our hard drive is going out. If it were to die, and we couldn't access what's on it, what would we lose? Well, 95% of the pictures on it are on Flickr. As for the music, I got the original CDs. Hey, I'm kinda backed up. -gw

Flickr is a great example of cloud computing as a service. While Flickr started with an emphasis on sharing photos and images, it has emerged as a great place to store those images. In many ways, it is superior to storing the images on your computer.

First, Flickr allows you to easily access your images no matter where you are or what type of device you are using. While you might upload the photos of your vacation to Greece from your home computer, you can easily access them from your laptop while on the road or even from your iPhone while sitting in your local coffee house.

Second, Flickr lets you share the images. There's no need to burn them to a compact disc or save them on a flash drive. You can just send someone your Flickr address.

Third, Flickr provides data security. If you keep your photos on your local computer, what happens if your hard drive crashes? You'd better hope you backed them up to a CD or a flash drive! By uploading the images to Flickr, you are providing yourself with data security by creating a backup on the web. And while it is always best to keep a local copy -- either on your computer, a compact disc or a flash drive -- the truth is that you are far more likely to lose the images you store locally than Flickr is of losing your images.


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