Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On Babies Require Small Clothes: Then they get big

Babies come in small packages. They require small clothes. Then they get big, move out, but come back when hungry. -gw
O Lord!  Make these children excellent plants.  Let them grow and develop in the Garden of Thy Covenant, and bestow freshness and beauty through the outpourings from the clouds of the all-glorious Kingdom.
O Thou kind Lord!  I am a little child, exalt me by admitting me to the kingdom.  I am earthly, make me heavenly; I am of the world below, let me belong to the realm above; gloomy, suffer me to become radiant; material, make me spiritual, and grant that I may manifest Thine infinite bounties.
Thou art the Powerful, the All-Loving.

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