Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On Strengthen Thy People: Whereby the face of the Cause will radiate in Thy dominion

The friends gathered for the Cluster Agencies Meeting (the CAM) were in a not so rare state. They were laughing their heads off much of the evening, as the video clip above proves. But they got it together and managed to sing an incredibly lovely rendition of an excerpt of a Baha'i prayer often said to support expansion efforts. -gw
I beg of Thee, by that Word through which Thy proof was perfected among Thy creatures and Thy testimony was fulfilled amidst Thy servants, to strengthen Thy people in that whereby the face of the Cause will radiate in Thy dominion, the standards of Thy power will be planted among Thy servants, and the banners of Thy guidance will be raised throughout Thy dominions.
Baha'u'llah, Baha'i Prayers

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