Monday, September 03, 2012

On Distinguishing the Spring From the Autumn and Heat From Cold: The end of the camping season

It's not quite autumn yet, but the temperatures at night had us pulling the down comforters over us at our campsite at 4400 feet. We just got back from 3 days and two nights in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest three hours south of Tacoma. September camping is exquisite. Five years ago Bonita and I were up on both sides of the northern Cascades around this time, as this 2007 blog post on Flitzy Phoebie attests. We felt the nip of cold in the nighttime air that camping trip, too. I can distinguish heat from cold -- it was cold. -gw

Blackpine Lake

Diablo Lake

So great shall be the discernment of this seeker that he will discriminate between truth and falsehood even as he doth distinguish the sun from shadow. If in the uttermost corners of the East the sweet savours of God be wafted, he will assuredly recognize and inhale their fragrance, even though he be dwelling in the uttermost ends of the West. He will likewise clearly distinguish all the signs of God—His wondrous utterances, His great works, and mighty deeds—from the doings, words and ways of men, even as the jeweller who knoweth the gem from the stone, or the man who distinguisheth the spring from autumn and heat from cold. 

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