Friday, July 13, 2012

On They Want So Much For Their Lives: Invaders in Port Townsend

The Invaders season is moving towards conclusion. The last game played was held in Port Townsend. An historical seaport and tourist destination, Port Townsend is not thought of as a football town. Yet it has a football stadium right downtown. The Tacoma Invaders lost to the Port Angeles Eagles. A lot of Eagle players came from Bremerton, the town where I've worked for the past 20 years. Some used to play for the Invaders. As always seems to be the case with semi-pro football, there was plenty of action and drama. Injuries -- I hate it when players get hurt. Families -- a good contingent rooting for the home team. And so much food for thought -- there is so much to like and not like about American football. But I love the players. They want so much for their lives. -gw
The physical unification of the planet in our time and the awakening aspirations of the mass of its inhabitants have at last produced the conditions that permit achievement of the ideal, although in a manner far different from that imagined by imperial dreamers of the past.

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