Monday, July 30, 2012

On Eating in the Mt Adams Cafe Again: Change and transformation are precursors of mortality

When I was a salesman selling tourism-related advertising back in the 1980s, I used to eat breakfast at the Mt Adams Cafe in Randle, Washington. Here I am again at the cafe, almost 30 years later, reflecting on my past and future, 65 years of age with my 77 year-old brother and my 68 year-old wife. Things change, but the past is still recognizable.

In the spiritual reality of man, however, all geometrical figures can be simultaneously conceived, while in physical realities one image must be forsaken in order that another may be possible. This is the law of change and transformation, and change and transformation are precursors of mortality. Were it not for this change in form, phenomena would be immortal; but because the phenomenal existence is subject to transformation, it is mortal. The reality of man, however, is possessed of all virtues; it is not necessary for him to give up one image for another as mere physical bodies do. Therefore, in that reality there is no change or transformation; it is immortal and everlasting. The body of man may be in America while his spirit is laboring and working in the Far East, discovering, organizing and planning. While occupied in governing, making laws and erecting a building in Russia, his body is still here in America. What is this power which, notwithstanding that it is embodied in America, is operating at the same time in the Orient, organizing, destroying, upbuilding? It is the spirit of man. This is irrefutable.

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