Monday, July 16, 2012

On Baha'is at the Invaders Game: Where they talked spiritual empowerment

The Tacoma Invaders played their last game of the season an hour away in Centrailia. It was a thrill to have new members of the Tigers/Invaders teaching team, Josh and Jeanne, be able to make the trek, riding with Coach Matt and me. They came early and stayed late. Josh knows his football. Jeanne has never been to a football game. Both want to serve the families of the Tigers/Invaders football community in whatever way they can. Jeanne had a chance to meet Coach Bruce before the game, and Josh had the opportunity to talk Fantasy Football with another FF aficionado, Coach Charles, afterwards. But the high point of the evening may have been the conversation that Jeanne and Josh had with the girlfriend of a player on the other team, who happens to live in Tacoma, about the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program. She is a student at Tacoma Community College where there is an active Baha'i presence. -gw 

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