Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On Youth at the Roots of Our Endeavors: Tacoma gears up for it's Baha'i intensive

One thing you can say about the Tacoma Baha'i community, it's humble -- as in, not pretentious. We gathered at Coleen and Jeanne's, Baha'is old and new, youthful and mature, for the Feast of Rahmat, a family favorite, as we have a son named Rahmat. But he wasn't there, boo hoo.
Rahmat did make
 it to the Swan Creek Apartments junior youth group last night with friend James, who has come out for the second week in a row, to join the Baha'is in their endeavors. He and Rahmat are going to Fox Island tomorrow for consultation, gearing up, I'm sure, for the intensive campaign that is just around the corner. I'm thinking a lot about the youth who are our generals. I mean, they really are in charge.

Hope James can get to Gustaff Besungu 's home concert at Tim & Deb's on Thursday. James is from Brooklyn, but his mom is from the Cameroons, where Gustaff is from. Great chance to hear some African-style Baha'i-inspired roots music.  -gw

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