Thursday, June 07, 2012

On the Musical Tastes of a Baha'i Youth: He likes Protomen

In Act I, the band's first album, Dr. Wily is represented as an Orwellian ruler over a dystopic City, full of humans who are too scared to stand up to his control. Dr. Light creates a "perfect man, an unbeatable machine", Protoman, to fight to free the City, but Protoman is destroyed by the overwhelming power of Wily's armies. Defeated and despairing, Dr. Light then creates a second son, Megaman, who he attempts to dissuade from battle. Megaman runs away from home and confronts his brother in an apocalyptic concluding battle. The album has been described by the band as "the sound of the end of the world" and straddles the line between chiptune and hard rock, with heavier focus on distorted 8-bit synthesizers and electronic instrumentation.

The best way to be introduced to new music is to ask someone to tell you what songs they have on their phone. I did. He told me. Now I, too, know about the Protomen. -gw

The band performs a variety of '70s & '80s cover songs along very specific themes in live performances, usually related to the band's preferred motifs of heroism, struggle, and self-determination.  


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