Sunday, June 10, 2012

On Having an Appropriate Protest Board: What a concept!

O God! Educate these children. These children are the plants of Thine orchard, the flowers of Thy meadow, the roses of Thy garden. Let Thy rain fall upon them; let the Sun of Reality shine upon them with Thy love. Let Thy breeze refresh them in order that they may be trained, ...

I have worked with kids and families in community mental health for going on 20 years know. My recent interest has been around challenging behavior in special education classrooms. Taking a cue from this video, it seems to me that all of us could benefit from having an Appropriate Protest Board to point to when people don't understand what we are feeling. Behavior is a form of communication, you see. And we are all trying to be understood. -gw

What's it like to be in preschool?

There is something missing in the telling of this joke, but I don't think you'll mind. 

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