Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On an Incredible Answer to Violence in Our Society: Prevention

At the April meeting of the Peninsulas Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Group I participate in, Ellen  brought to our consultaton group the pamphlet above which describes how children and their parents are supported through programs in her community. She also spoke with great knowledge and enthusiasm about The Incredible Years, an evidence-based practice for addressing behavioral problems in children 3 to 8.
Address aggressive behavior in young children and you won't have to address aggressive behavior when they grow up. Prevention matters. To what extent does aggressive behavior that "works" for children have expression in the atrocities and acts of war committed by adults all too evident in the world today? And what role has harsh parenting had in the development of those who have been behind the genocide that occured? These are legitimate questions. -gw
From His pen of glory flowed teachings for the prevention of war, and these have been scattered far and wide.

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