Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On Bonita and the Blackbird Nest: Unraveling the mysteries

Is not weaving a part of every human culture? And some birds do it, too.
I wrap the 100-foot electrical cord in loops around my arm before storing it, then unravel it for use. When the cords connecting to my computer become unbearably mixed up, I try to unravel the mystery. -gw
[Baha'u'llah's] aim is to widen the basis of all revealed religions and to unravel the mysteries of their scriptures. He insists on the unqualified recognition of the unity of their purpose, restates the eternal verities they enshrine, coordinates their functions, distinguishes the essential and the authentic from the nonessential and spurious in their teachings, separates the God-given truths from the priest-prompted superstitions, and on this as a basis proclaims the possibility, and even prophecies the inevitability, of their unification, and the consummation of their highest hopes.

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