Thursday, April 19, 2012

On Wapato Park on a Sunday: No impatient interference can open the bud into a blossom

On a Tacoma Sunday afternoon Matt hosted a picnic at Tacoma's venerable southside park.,Wapato, for his Metro Parks girls basketball team. Afterwards he and his kids went to junior youth group at Lisa's. Everything is beautiful in the sunshine. -gw
He teaches that as the flower is hidden in the bud, so a spirit from God dwells in the heart of every man, no matter how hard and unlovely his exterior. The true Bahá’í will treat every man, therefore, as the gardener tends a rare and beautiful plant. He knows that no impatient interference on his part can open the bud into a blossom; only God’s sunshine can do that, therefore his aim is to bring that life-giving sunshine into all darkened hearts and homes.

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