Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Teaching as Football: Executing the handoff

We are given opportunity in this world. It is important that we not drop the ball. When we hear that God has given us a whole new revelation to guide us in this day, we need to step up, respond, and run with the ball. But we got to share the ball, too, execute the handoff. Teach. Give it up for the Cause. Say our prayers. The ball with come back. Again and again it will come back, as we keep handing it off.
Hey, the guy who had the ball when the count reached 50 in this drill at the Tacoma Invaders practice last week was none other than our own Coach Matt. Matt didn't drop the ball. Yesterday afternoon at our Naw Ruz brunch he registered as a Baha'i along with his wife Christy. -gw

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