Tuesday, March 06, 2012

On Standing at the Google Portal: Internet entries on "Baha'i" each like friends

For years after I started Baha’i Views I used to spend my discretionary time sitting at the Google portal perusing blog entries with the keyword “Baha’i.” My blog descriptor still reads “Pithy excerpts, personal learning, and mentions of ‘Baha'i’ online” for the original version on Blogger. The reality is I don’t do much looking for mentions of Baha’i online anymore.  Too busy with the institute process. “When the most important work is at hand, let go of the important work,” the saying goes, one that I attribute to Abdu’l-Baha. And so the descriptor on the more recent Posterous version of Baha’i Views reads: “Pithy excerpts, personal learnings, and the institute process.” That’s more accurate now. I devote a good portion of my current postings to, for example, the activities of junior youth spending time together on a Sunday afternoon. What they are doing in the neighborhood is historic, in my view.



This morning I used Google to again search blogs for "Baha’i." The results seemed so familiar: On page one of my search results there’s arthra on Religious Forums. A posting by Farhad. A posting on Baha’i and the environment on a site about Islam, also referenced on Baha.us.  There is a post by a critic of the Faith I once met some 43 years ago -- still consumed after all these years.  And there are posts by Baha’i bloggers on the fast, including my own entries. And finally a post on a foreign policy site on the future of the Baha’i Faith in Egypt.


The Internet is like a friend. Follow the progress of the Junior Youth group meeting at Miss Lisa’s each week AND the growth of the stature of the work of Baha'is throughout the world with just a few clicks. –gw

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