Monday, February 20, 2012

On Though Unaccustomed To Walking: He covered seven farsangs on foot

Yesterday a hike up a logging road above the Skookumchuck, last week a hike in surprising Lake Isabella State Park -- there is nothing like a hike to make you feel tired and young at the same time.  -gw
Bonita prepares for a walk in the woods...
He himself was meanwhile directing his steps towards Nayríz. Though unaccustomed to walking, he covered, that night, seven farsangs on foot. ...
Vahíd ... made his way through the mountains until he reached the district of Bavanat-i-Fárs. Most of its inhabitants, who were numbered among his fervent admirers, readily embraced the Cause, among whom was the well-known Ḥájí Siyyid Ismá’íl, the Shaykhu’l-Islám of Bavánat. A considerable number of these people accompanied him as far as the village of Fasa, where the inhabitants refused to respond to the Message which he invited them to follow. -gw

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