Monday, January 16, 2012

On the Sixth Candle, the Unity of Races: Making of all that dwell on earth kindreds of one race

Will today's Martin Luther King Day celebration at the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall be as good as last years? Well, I doubt the photos taken by Jamie Frank at the event a year ago could possibly be any better than any taken today.
After the two-hour extravaganza we will be gathering at Tim and Deb's for their annual potluck attended by Baha'is throught the region. Here are pics and video from 2011. -gw
“Behold,” He further explains, “how its light is now dawning upon the world’s darkened horizon. The first candle is unity in the political realm, the early glimmerings of which can now be discerned. The second candle is unity of thought in world undertakings, the consummation of which will erelong be witnessed. The third candle is unity in freedom which will surely come to pass. The fourth candle is unity in religion which is the cornerstone of the foundation itself, and which, by the power of God, will be revealed in all its splendor. The fifth candle is the unity of nations—a unity which, in this century, will be securely established, causing all the peoples of the world to regard themselves as citizens of one common fatherland. The sixth candle is unity of races, making of all that dwell on earth peoples and kindreds of one race. The seventh candle is unity of language, i.e., the choice of a universal tongue in which all peoples will be instructed and converse. Each and every one of these will inevitably come to pass, inasmuch as the power of the Kingdom of God will aid and assist in their realization.”

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