Saturday, January 21, 2012

On Overpopulation is Not the Ultimate Issue Facing Humanity: Disunity is

Is overpopulation the ultimate issue facing humanity? No.  Disunity is. When mankind sees its spiritual unity, we will see a global civilization develop so stupendous, that we cannot even imagine it now. When I was young, overpopulation was a far more critical problem than it is now. In so many countries of the world today, a negative birth rate is actually a problem -- the solution for which is making immigration from more populous countries of the world more possible, through elimination of legal barriers.
Countries like Japan have an aging population. To keep the machines of industry running, will the leaders of government in these countries with a negative birth rate further open their borders to immigrants (who will then become a permanent part of the population and, not incidently, also change the national culture)?  The answer is -- yes.
There is no reason to wring our hands with the thought that humanity's annihilation is inevitable. Peace is inevitable. The unification of mankind is happening before our eyes. It's not always pretty -- there are those who stand in the way, but they are, sooner or later, mowed down by God-born forces that proceed mysteriously in the world. Change is inevitable, and there is a direction to it.  Our future is bright. -gw

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