Friday, January 06, 2012

On Facebook Chatter: I know not, O my God, what the Fire is

Found on Facebook. Know any good campfire songs? -gw
K:  Who crashed???
Li: nah -- it was a parked car-- someone lit it up
K:  Wwat tht is crazy
Li: go outside-- i bet you can smell it --
J: for real?
La: That'll teach 'em to park in someone else's spot.
Li: i though it was a drive by-- i had my baseball bat -- ready for -- who knows-- maybe i can hit a homerun at a racing bullet-- lol
J: you'd be responsible if you hit it into someone else...assault with a deadly
K: Haha lol
Li: i get in the fight or flight frenzy-- it's kind of embarrassing when i run outside to a fire with a baseball bat -- so commando
La: need a baha'i bat
Li: HAHAHAH now that would be AWESOME -- instead of seeing stars you see love and unity
K: Haha tht funny
La: You could've just said you were throwing a log on the fire...unless it's a metal bat??
Li: hey WHERE ARE MY MARSHMALLOWS-- someone bring the graham crackers and chocolate-- it'll be awesome -- we can sing campfire songs-

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