Monday, January 02, 2012

On Defining Images: Someone's sanctuary

There was a time when I wall-papered my room with pictures from National Geographic. That defined me as a person then, I felt. As part of a general upgrade of the home, Bonita has taken down pictures that have been up on our walls for years, and put up two of her own. She says they define her as a person, rather than the paintings and prints of others. The mantle is bare of family pictures. They have been put away, are still accessible, but are not staring the visitor in the face. She is coming out, turning a corner, looking towards the rest of her life and what she wishes to surround herself with. No pictures have been taken yet of Bonita's new sanctuary, so I have none to share, but below is someone else's sanctuary. What defines you are a person? What do you have up on your walls? -gw

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