Sunday, December 18, 2011

On Ruhi Study, Smoking Cessation, and Gifts of Furniture: In Lisa's house of hospitality

Matt, Christy, Kim, Trejon, and little Gilmar came for the "Reflections on the LIfe of the Spirit" Baha'i study circle at Lisa's Thursday night. Two weeks ago Matt and Christy started that book in the Ruhi series, covering the first two sections with Lisa, Nancy, and me.  Last week Kim, Gianna, and Trejon started the Book 1, covering the first section. In our third week of the circle we were able to combine our efforts.
Arriving with great energy and enthusiasm, the first thing Matt and Christy wanted to share before we cracked upon our books was an idea for a junior youth activity that they had gotten at an open house at the school Elijah will be going to next year.
After completing our study for the evening, no one wanted to leave, even though it was a school night for Tre. Christy is trying to stop smoking, which inspired Lisa to offer some strategies she had used to quit two years earlier.
Kids seem to always want to know where things come from. Trejon wanted to know about a chair. No, I didn't buy the chair, Tre.  I did bring the floor lamp from my home, as a contribution of light, and Saturday Lori and Matt (another Matt) brought over the new sectional -- leather, I might add. Lisa said that all the furniture in her home has come from different people.
This Salishan home is like a Baha'i center. It may be Lisa's home, but everybody has a stake in it, just as we all have a stake in the institute process happening in that neighborhood. May every home of Baha'is in every neighborhood of our cluster be as open and welcoming as Lisa's. The tremendous and ever increasing growth of the Cause is an inevitable result, hastened by such hospitality.
Matt wanted to know what happened to the old sofa that had been replaced by the sectional. Oh, it went to Lisa's neighbor. -gw

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