Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On Giving Service While Seeking Even Greater Opportunities: Examples from the Invaders

Visiting with the guys at the Tacoma Invaders practice on Saturday I was impressed, as I always am, with their hopes and aspirations, and with the quality of their lives. Many of these young men are still finding their path of service. Many are already serving in a variety of ways.
I think of one 24 year-old man who has served his country in both Iraj and Afghanistan, is now discharged from the Army, and is now serving his younger siblings still in the home, while also going to school. He cooks for the family, helping his mom out. Dinner is at 6:30. Bedtime is at a decent hour. He makes sure the kids get off to school, and, I'll bet, do their homework.
My friend Coach Matt does the same -- monitor and guide his childrren throughout their school year. -gw

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