Monday, November 21, 2011

On Prayers, Stories & Waffles: Pearl & Arlene beamed

Sunday the sun shone brightly in the south-facing windows at Tim and Deb's where the friends gathered for prayers, food and fellowship. It was great to meet Foad's wife Kimmie for the first time, who is participating in a fabulous Ruhi Book 1 study circle tutored by Tim & Deb's oldest, Isaac. It was great seeing Gary. I loved Sonya's poem. Foad's mother is a dear. Pearl and Arlene beamed. Tim could make even a fractured fairy tale sound spiritual, although the story we heard was no mere tale. Deb shared two new Ruhi songs. Cornelia radiated love. Bonita was  rapt in quiet conversations. Foad held his sweet baby. Get the picture? -gw

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