Wednesday, November 09, 2011

On the Expansion of Our Religious Universe: But it's still one

My brother has a telescope.
Up on the wall of my brother's garage is a National Geographic map,"The Heavens."
One section of the descriptive copy opens with this line.
Our galaxy was thought to be the entire unverse until the early 20th Century. Today we know it is only one of billions of galaxies.
How many other situations have there been were we thought there was only one of something, but we discovered there were many more? Over the past century and a half people have been discovered that there are more religious traditions than the one they grew up with. The world is much bigger, religiously speaking, if we think of all of the traditions that are available for us to explote now. Our Bible is bigger. It's a World Bible now. Some chapters are familiar to us, but others may not be. Our spiritual universe is much bigger now than it was for our forefathers. But it's still one universe. -gw

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