Monday, October 03, 2011

On The Bahai'ans got it about right: It should be about equity, justice and respect.

Speech by Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe

'Search for a New "World Order" in the Mediterranean'

Speech given 9 September 2011     ".... World Order ..... the Baha'is
have got it about right..."

Thanks to Robert of the Northwest Baha'i Library for this. -gw
"...discrimination and intolerance are widespread in Europe today, particularly against Roma and immigrants, as well as people of recent migrant background, who are often treated as foreigners even in countries where they are both natives and citizens”.

These types of observations are not often a part of our discussions on Europe’s relations with its neighbours. But they should be. They are directly relevant to our credibility and image. How can we expect our neighbours to follow the European liberal and tolerant model if we cannot cope with the issue of interculturalism ourselves?

In conclusion, I should like to return to Wikipedia and its definitions of today’s theme. I do not know much about the rest of their beliefs, but when it comes to the definition of the New World Order, I would say that the Bahai’ans got it about right. It should be about equity, justice and respect.

The challenge – and the message to my fellow Europeans - is to practice what you preach. 


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