Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On Nice Dad at Noisy Creek: Putting pontoons down at Baker Lake

On Labor Day we were hiking Baker Lake trail minding our own business, when I heard the sound of an airplaine. At first we couldn't quite see it through the trees, but then, there it was, making a long pass up the lake, turning around for another pass down the lake, and then turning again for a third run, this time putting pontoons down on the water and landing. In a few minutes we could see it parked on the rocky shore there where Noisy Creek rushes into the lake when we returned to where we had parked our canoe. The pilot had not been alone. He had come with his two little boys for an hour at the beach. Thoughtful Dad. -gw
O ye dear children!  Your father is compassionate, clement and merciful unto you and desireth for you success, prosperity and eternal life in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you, dear children, to seek his good pleasure, to be guided by his guidance, to be drawn by the magnet of the love of God and be brought up in the lap of the love of God; that ye may become beautiful branches in the Gardens of EL-ABHÁ, verdant and watered by the abundance of the gift of God.

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