Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Lisa at the Tigers Football Game: Having spiritual conversations left and right

Thanks to Lisa for joining me at the Tigers little league football game on Saturday. She was there the entire day, having spiritual conversations left and right. I had a chance to introduce her to some parents and coaches, but she, of course, already knew many of the parents and kids there --  in fact, from BOTH teams, as the Tigers played the East Side Angels, which also draws from the Salishan neighborhood, where Lisa lives.. She was able to determine commitment from several parents to participate in a study circle, two of whom had been contacted by Baha'is previously through our efforts. One of the parents wants to come to Women's Empowerment gathering. Jalen, long time participant in Baha'i children's classes at Salishan is a Tigers player, and glad to see Lisa at his game. -gw

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