Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Michelle Holds Her First Feast: And Kim is now a Baha'i, Trajon, too

Michelle, a Baha'i living in the Salishan neighborhood, hosted her first Feast the other night. Such a dear soul!
On the way home from Feast Kim declared her Faith in Baha'u'llah. Her partner Charles has been a Baha'i for the past two years. We have Baha'i classes in her home now every Monday. She said she has been reading all the Baha'i materials that have been coming to the house, has been reading Ruhi Book 1 independently, and wishes to be considered a Baha'i. I knew to ask Kim about whether she was ready when at Feast I saw her reach into her wallet to try to make a contribution to the Fund. 
Yesterday evening I stopped by Kim's house with a declaration card for her to sign to make it official. Her son Trajon wanted to be considered a Baha'i, too, so he filled out a card, too, which was signed by his mother. -gw

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