Monday, August 22, 2011

On To Be As One: People travel far and struggle hard

We recently had dinner at Farhad and Bricelda's Friday along with Marc and his brother Peter whom he was visiting. Farhad is Persian, and Bricelda is from the Dominican Republic and reflects in her heritage the diversity of that Caribbean country. Marc and Peter are of Japanese-Chinese ancestry and hail from San Francisco originally
As a Japanese immigrant to the United States, Marc and Peter's mother had been interred during the Second World War, forced to leave her home, ultimately ending up living in old army barracks in Utah. We heard stories of how she coped.
In the course of the evening Farhad told of his travel from Iran via camel into Pakistan when he was 21 and his subsequent immigration to Canada and then the U.S. He has told this story before to the friends in our Baha'i study circle, but this was the first time Marc had heard it.
Marc said that his wife, also Persian, had traveled via camel to Pakistan when she was two. We wondered if she was in the same caravan with Farhad. If so, small world.
A highlight of the evening was our viewing together a bag of Farhad's momentos -- newspaper clippings, old tickets and IDs, and stamps --and hearing the stories associated with them.
People travel far and struggle hard to be as one. -gw

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