Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Another Reason Why Poor People Suffer: Nutritious food costs so much more

O CHILDREN OF DUST! Tell the rich of the midnight sighing of the poor, lest heedlessness lead them into the path of destruction, and deprive them of the Tree of Wealth. To give and to be generous are attributes of Mine; well is it with him that adorneth himself with My virtues.
Yesterday I went to the store hungry for fruit. It's the height of the soft fruit season. My favorite is a sweet nectarine. I got one, but I also got an apple, an orange, and an apricot. I ate them all, each one full of vitamins, I presumed. Total cost: $3.04.
Yesterday I also got something to put on the BBQ for an evening gathering. I got a package of 14 smoked sausages. I wasn't meaning to go "high on the hog," as my father used to say, but I wasn't intending to go cheap and spend only 99 cents on a package of hot dogs that were on sale at Saar's Supermarket. My package of 14 sausages totaled $4.49, just $1.44 more than the four pieces of fruit I had purchased earlier. Why is it that nutritious fruit and vegetables seem to cost so much and high fat processed meat costs so little?  Another reason why poor people suffer gw
Poor nutrition and low Houston property values are just two of the negative consequences of so-called "food deserts" - urban areas where there are insufficient grocery options available to residents, according to a recent editorial in the Houston Chronicle. To reach the per-capita average number of grocery stores in the area, the paper's editorial board says, Houston would need to add 185 facilities. This means that there are areas of Texas' largest city "where it's easier to buy beer than milk and hard to find an unfried potato. Chips and soda? No problem. Fresh greens, broccoli or grapefruit? Dream on," the board writes.

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