Monday, August 08, 2011

On Again Moments: Ethnic Fest and the life of the spirit

Saturday night Deb and Kristina did a homevisit to one of the people who visited the Baha'i booth at Ethnic Fest. Spent two hours talking to a fascinating woman who at the end said she would like to participate in a Baha'i study circle.
Visiting Ethnic Fest can be a powerful experience. Reflections on the Life of the Spirit, the subject of Ruhi Book 1, is an appropriate next step for someone who wants to move from individual experience to collective action. Often upon completion of the book, participants are moved to hold their own devotional meetings to whichthey invite their friends and neighbors, thereby providing another point of unity that palpably contributes to greater social cohesion. Book 1 is something that participants often revisit, upon completion of the entire sequence of course, as a tutor. Coming back to the material again and again there are inevitably further insights. -gw
Flickr] Jamie Frank has invited you to see the Ethnic Fest, first edit set on Flickr
George: When I attend an event there are precise moments that are the poetry of that event, sometimes a few, sometimes a bunch,..... and I always walk away with a sense that I blew the whole thing, muttering to myself that I only got a couple of shots .... My habit is to throw all of it up and then go back and look again. This is the 'again'.  -- Jamie

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