Wednesday, July 06, 2011

On Postage Stamps in the Netherlands Depict Victims of Human Rights Abuses in Iran: Including Mrs. Sabet

A trained psychologist, Mrs. Sabet worked as a teacher and a principal at several schools. After the 1979 Islamic revolution, however, along with thousands of other Baha'i educators, she was fired from her job and barred from working in public education.

Mrs. Sabet has been incarcerated since 5 March 2008. She was the first to be arrested of a seven-member, national-level ad hoc group that helped attend to the needs of Iran's 300,000-strong Baha'i community. After an illegal 30-month detention, the seven were tried on trumped-up charges and each sentenced in August 2010 to 20 years in jail.

"In many ways, this stamp not only represents the seven leaders – and the other 90 or so Baha'i prisoners in Iran – but all who are victimized for standing up for their principles," said Ms. Maartens.

"At a time when the Iranian authorities are clamping down on community initiatives to educate young Baha'is who are banned from university, Mrs. Sabet - as a teacher, a mother and a Baha'i - symbolizes a commitment to education, and the right to freedom of religion for all."

The effort in all parts of the globe continues. -gw

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