Monday, July 25, 2011

On Now That the Football Season Is Over: Continued service

The Invaders lost their game Saturday night. Their season is over. It brings to a conclusion one chapter in my life, as another one opens.


It was a great game that wasn’t decided until the very last seconds. Coach Charles said it may have been the closest, most exciting game the Invaders have ever played.


The Invaders players were disappointed certainly, but the other team seemed so subdued with their victory, like they realized the lucked out to get it, that it seemed the Invaders had won.


I shot video at the top of the tunnel to the locker room. The fans who had come all the way up to Edmonds to cheer on the team, cheered them in their loss. There was nothing to be sorry about. The team had done a great job. They could have tied the game on the last play. They could have gone to overtime. They could have won that. Could have. But it didn’t matter.


Being the team photographer for the Invaders has had a great impact on my life.  First off, I have met 40 or 50 really great guys. I have been treated to some very exciting football, close-up and personal.


The time commitment of going to practices and games to shoot has caused me to change my routines, in some ways drastically. My blogging on Baha’i Views has decreased drastically. My trying to keep up with posting on Flickr of non-football photos I’ve taken has been a losing battle


I will be back to blogging again. I will be reflecting on what the experience has taught me over the months and years ahead.


My commitment to the Invaders/Tigers community continues. I look forward to serving it in whatever way I can.


There is the Invaders/Tigers devotional meeting to continue to support. There are children’s classes for the spiritual education of children to set up. There are junior youth animators for the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program to identify and get trained to serve the critically important 12-14 age range. There are study circles for the collective study of the Holy Writings that give meaning and purpose to our lives to set up.


Sports is a part of life, but it is not all there is to life. To participate in sports, to follow sports, adds to the quality of our lives, but the reason we are here on this planet encompasses so much more.


We’re here to serve, whatever that service is. We’re here to recognize our essential unity and oneness as human beings who all worship one God, whatever our faith background. We have a larger job to do, especially now that football is over for the season. -gw

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