Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On U2 Can Find Family With God's Camera: Zoomin' good!

The purport is this that we are all inhabiting one globe of earth. In reality we are one family and each one of us is a member of this family. We must all be in the greatest happiness and comfort, under a just rule and regulation which is according to the good pleasure of God, thus causing us to be happy, for this life is fleeting.
Here are some shots from my son-in-law and daugher, Matt and Ruhiyyih, of the U2 concert experience. -gw
From: Northwest Bahai Library
There is a 360 degree photo from the Seattle concert posted on the U2 website of the entire audience.You can zoom in on anyone in the audience with remarkable clarity in this remarkable photo taken with what must be "God's camera" (lol). Perhaps you can find family who were there!


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