Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On Andrew Says Allah'u'abha: We're all family

A.J. and family at the scrimmage of the Tacoma Invaders with the Cobras.
When I got to practice yesterday evening, A.J. came over to greet me. "Allah'u'abha," he said. He's got the Baha'i greeting down pat. "Talofa," I said in return. My brother-in-law Frank who is visiting had given me instruction in how to say hello in Samoan.
I asked A.J. about when I was going to be able to meet his sister-in-law who is Baha'i. He said she had been at the game. I must have seen her with the rest of his extended family, but didn't know it was her. I told him the Baha'is of Spanaway are eager to be able to meet her and welcome her to the community. Perhaps she and the "Cheer Squad" will be at the away game in Everett on Saturday, or, surely, at the next home game for the Baha'i friends to say hello. 
I really want Nancy to be able to meet Andrew's sister-in-law. Nancy knows football -- her boys played, one of her sons won a college scholarship for his football prowess. And Nancy knows thumb-wrestling, as this funny picture of her at the Naw Ruz celebration in March will attest. gw

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