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On Martha Root: Rare audio clip aired on Radio Prague

Martha_Root_interview with_President_Masaryk_Baha'i_World_Vol-IV_1930-1932.pdf Download this file

Another extraordinary contribution from Robert at NWBL. -gw

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Here is a link to the audio recording of Martha
Root which was aired last week on a Radio Prague (English) broadcast.


Title of radio program: "The women who stepped out of the shadow of Czechoslovakia’s first
president" - with a rare audio clip of Martha Root

Description of program:

"At the beginning of this series we heard the voice of the first
Czechoslovak President, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. The Masaryk family
included several remarkable women, who were also to play their part in
20th century Czech history. Tomáš’s wife Charlotte was American, born
in New York in 1850. When the couple married in Brooklyn in 1878, he
took on her surname Garrigue as part of his own name, as a gesture of
respect. Charlotte went on to devote her life to all things Czech, and
she was every bit as energetic in her defense of women’s rights,
winning her husband over to the cause. She died in 1923 just five
years after the republic was founded. In this archive recording from
November 1932 she is remembered by an American friend, the feminist
and peace advocate, Martha Root."

I also attach Martha Root's noteworthy interview with President
Masaryk in the early 1930s which was published in the Baha'i World,
Vol. IV, 1930-1932. The PDF is text searchable.


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