Saturday, April 30, 2011

On Elections at Ridvan: All kinds of elections

Today I’m all about Elections. Because this spring I’m casting TWO ballots! What did you say Emad? Two ballots? How’s that? Well, you see, I’m currently residing in two electoral districts: Halifax West, and Halifax Cluster. In the Halifax West riding I’m voting for my future municipal and federal government, and in the Halifax Bahá’í Cluster I’m voting for my future Local Spiritual Assembly.  Interestingly enough, this is all happening during the Bahá’í festival of Riḍván, i.e., the Bahá’í elections are happening on the first day of Riḍván (tonight at sunset), and the Federal elections
are happening on the last day of Riḍván (May 2nd). Coincidence? Absolutely. Blog-worthy? Yeppers!
Want to read a really good post about the signficance of governance for Baha'is, and the difference between Baha'i elections and the other kind, read Emad's highly readable entry. (Thanks, Secret Contributor of the North, for this.)
We elected our Tacoma local assembly on Thursday as did Baha'i communities all over the world. At this very moment the U.S. Baha'i National Convention is underway which will involve another election, that of the national governing body of the Baha'is here.  Below Ellen mentions both that election and her own local Assembly election. -gw
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